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im now becoming my own self-fulfilled prophecy

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Name:Eridan Ampora
Birthdate:Feb 3
Location:Portsmouth, South Carolina, United States of America
Listen. You're ERIDAN AMPORA, but not the usual one that's seen around the bubbles. Considering Terezi STABBED YOU TO DEATH because she thought you wwere your moirail's KILLER, that's one big difference. Granted, it wwas either that or be killed by Jack Noir/Gamzee, so. You prefer Terezi. No one kneww you wwere moirails wwith KARKAT, but that's because back then you wwere an asshole obsessed wwith blood purity, one of the reasons you wwere also HORRIBLY FLUSHED for FEFERI, something you'vve since gotten ovver, especially since you killed HER and SOLLUX. But that's their fault, they thought you'd told Jack wwhere evveryone wwas hiding -- untrue, by the wway -- and it wwas self defense. Okay, so wwas killing KANAYA, because she wwas coming at you wwith a chainsaww. That wwasn't exactly out of the blue, though, considering you are the destroyer a Hope and the matriorb wwas a USELESS DREAM.

But here you fuckin are, in some shithole called Portsmouth. WWhat the hell, its wworth a shot.

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